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At Polar Lab Diamonds, we only sell lab diamonds that we would buy ourselves...

Our Quality

Our lower lab diamond prices (in comparison to mined diamonds) means that our clients are able to select a higher quality lab diamond.

Our lab diamonds are certified by an independent laboratory, each with their own certificate. They are also laser inscribed with a serial number that matches the certificate.

Our Clarity threshold

Every lab diamond we provide has been measured as Very Slightly Included (VS1) or better. This means that the lab diamond may show small imperfections (known as inclusions) only under 10x magnification.

Our cut criteria

Every lab diamond we provide has an Excellent (or ideal) Cut rating. The better the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond, the higher its cut grade.

Our color commitment

Every lab diamond we provide has been measured as near colourless (G or above). This means that only a trained gemologist can detect a trace of color.

Our carat supply

We specialize in large lab diamonds, with sizes ranging between 1 carat and 8 carats.